Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative: Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer Icon

What is the best alternative for Yahoo Site Explorer? Since Yahoo Site Explorer is no longer available, Open Site Explorer is another good choice to check backlinks.

Google Apps for Free Is Not Available to Sign up Since Today

Google Apps For Free Icon

Google Apps for Free is great service provided by Google, I just received an email from Google that regarding Google Apps for Free, it is not available to sig up new account since today.

How to Get an Authorization Code from Godaddy

Godaddy Auth Code

If you want to transfer your domain name from Godaddy to another registrar, you need to obtain the Godaddy authorization code. This article show you how to get the authorization code from Godaddy.

How to Login and Set up Gmail for Your Domain

Gmail For Your Domain

If you have your own domain, you’ll also be able to set up any email address you want to provide to your friends, employees, or families by using the powerful and user-friendly Gmail interface. Setting up Gmail for your domain is not easy, the steps are probably intimidating for beginners but it’s okay, following the steps will help you make it easier.

How to Turn off Firewall in Windows 7

Win7 Firewall

Since Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Firewall is included in Windows operating system, and it is switched on by default. In this article I will show you how to turn off firewall in Windows 7, step by step with screenshots.

Make a Beautiful CSS Button Style without Image by CSS Button Generator

CSS Style Button

If you want to make a input button (or hyperlink button) that looks professional, you may consider to use an image button but it takes a lot of time. CSS button styling can also be difficult for a CSS beginner to make awesome buttons. I found a great website call CSS Button Generator that can help us to make a CSS Button in just half minute without the need for any images.

WPMU DEV Full Membership 75% Off Discount Coupon


I just received an email from the WPMU DEV Team. It’s a crazy sales promotion email. The coupon code BF13 will be applied for a discount of -75% off the first payment. It’s 75% off any full WPMU DEV membership, a saving of $315 on a year account.

How to Disable / Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S2 Camera

If you are stealthily trying to take pictures, you should turn the camera shutter sound and focus sound off before you do that. Here are the steps on how to disable the camera focus sound and the shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S2. It is simple, you can just try.

Windows 8 Free Download and Guide to Install 90-Day Trial Edition

Windows 8 Free Download

Is Windows 8 free download possible? Do you know that Microsoft offers a free 90-day trial edition of Windows 8 operation system? In this article, I will show you how to download Windows 8 trial edition and make a Installation Disk of Windows 8. You can follow the steps I show you below.

How to Find out the System Specs in Windows XP

windows xp system specs

If you want to purchase a new software such as a 3D game or a video editing software, the system requirements of this kind software are probably higher than your PC hardware.

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