How to Search Text in Page Source with Google Chrome

Google chrome page source

Google Chrome does not have a “Find” option on its menu in viewing the page source, not like other browsers. Popular web browsers such as Firefox and IE both have this option, in viewing the page source, click Edit, and then select Find to use the search function as shown as figure a-1 and a-2 below.

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 7

Change Screen Resolution Win 7

Which screen resolution should you use? In my suggestion, it should depend on the comfort of your eyes. You can change the screen resolution one by one and see which one is the best suits your eyes. In this article, I will show you how to change the screen resolution in Windows 7. The steps are not too hard for computer beginers, just follow the steps below.

How to Set Up or Change DNS Settings in Windows 7

Change Windows7 DNS

Under many conditions, you may need to change the DNS settings in Windows 7. For example, while there is something wrong with your Internet connection, you may use another public DNS server for troubleshooting. I will show you the steps in how to set up or change DNS settings in Windows 7. The steps are not complex. The step by step tutorial with screenshots will make you more clear.

How to Set Goolge as Homepage in Google Chrome

Set Google as Homepage Chrome

I set Google as homepage in browser for convenience. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser, of course the is the homepage when I open the Google Chrome on my computer. If you use Google Chrome and would like to set your homepage to, the steps are simple. In this article, I will show you the steps to set Google as homepage in Google Chrome.

Windows 8 ISO Download 64-Bit, 32-Bit with Direct Download Links

Windows 8 ISO Icon

Many friendly internet friends came to Pcdiy and left the comments on my posts to ask the similar questions, something like “where can I download Windows 8 ISO files directly?”, “Do you have Windows 8 ISO for French language?”, “How to download German Windows 8 ISO?”.. etc.. Actually you can find the Windows 8 ISO download links on Microsoft’s website by just spending time. For your convenience I have already put the direct download links of Windows 8 ISO files in this article, hope this will help you.

Facebook Privacy Settings 2013 Update

Facebook privacy settings issues always concern the Facebook users, for improving the user experience and reducing the privacy issues, recently Facebook has simplified its privacy settings in the end of 2012.

Download Windows 8 Free Full Version by Direct Download Link

Download Windows 8 Icon

Download Windows 8 upgrade version from Windows Store, the price is $39.99 for upgrading your old Windows systems to the Windows 8 Pro version. Before the Microsoft released the Windows 8 upgrade version, a Windows 8 full version was early released on May 31, 2012 and your can download it from the official page of Windows 8 Release Preview.

Twitter Sign Up: How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account

We are in a particular period today, everyone is social networking. The companies promote their products by using the social network, the people share what happened in their life on the social networking websites. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Google and Twitter account, if you don’t have one, why wait? This article shows you the steps oo how to create a Twitter account, you can follow the steps to make the Twitter sign up process fast and easy.

How to Find out Your Facebook Stalkers and Profile Creeps

Facebook Stalkers

In Dec. 2012, Is Facebook plagued with a privacy issue once again? Any Facebook user can directly finds out a list “InitialChatFriendsLis” that contained Facebook User IDs of your friends in web page’s source code, and many Facebook users said this list is sorted by relevance, based on the frequency of viewing your Facebook Profile. Do you want to know who is your biggest fan? Who is stalking you on Facebook? Follow the steps below.

How to Install a SATA Hard Drive on Desktop

Install Sata Hard Drive

Installing a new hard drive is not difficult, it has become pretty easy because you don’t worry about to set the jumpers on the hard disk drives anymore. This a physical installation for installing a SATA hard drive on your desktop.

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