My Screen Resolution Test

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Welcome to use My Screen Resolution Test. This screen resolution test tool is made for computer beginners and mobile device users.

When you want to put a beautiful picture to be your desktop wallpaper, if you know what screen resolution is your monitor set to, you'll be able to find the wallpapers corresponding with the screen and it will make your desktop looks perfect.

My Screen Resolution Test


Thanks for using My Screen Resolution Test. After testing, the result of your monitor's screen is below:

  • Your screen resolution width is (dimension: pixel)
  • Your screen resolution height is (dimension: pixel)
  • Your screen resolution DPI is (dimension: dot per inch)

My Screen Resolution Test

Figure a-1: My Screen resolution test

Cannot See My Screen Resolution Test Result?

This page uses Javascript functionality to get your screen resolution. If you can not see any number shows in the monitor image, please turn on Javascript function in your browser.

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