How to Remove “Welcome to nginx” Virus and Fix Browser Redirecting Problem

Welcome to nginx virus

Is the “Welcome to nginx” or “404 Not Found / nginx” message displayed on every popular website that you’re browsing? In this article, I will show you the steps to fix the “Welcome to nginx” browser redirecting problem and remove the “Welcome to nginx” virus by using the redirect virus removal software tools.

Download Samsung Android USB Driver for Mobile Device on Windows

samsung android usb device driver download

In most cases, it may be not necessary to install Samsung Android USB drivers on your Windows, unless you met the problems of using third party application or connecting fail between the Samsung Android device and your computer. It is always good to download the Samsung Android USB driver beforehand, so you’re able to easily install it and use whenever needed.

One Click Disable Javascript in Chrome by Quick Javascript Switcher Plugin

Quick Javascript Switcher

How to enable or disable Javascript in Google Chrome? There are several ways to do this. There is a Chrome extension called Quick Javascript Switcher that enables you turn on and turn off Javascript on the fly. Using the Quick Javascript Switcher plugin to your Google Chrome is the most easy way.

How to Find Network Password in Windows

Find network password

Did you forget your network password? If your network username and password are saved, the checkbox is checked as shown as the figure a-1 and you can correctly access to the Internet, you may still be able to recover your network password.

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