How to Force a Program or Process to Close in Windows

Sometimes your computer freezes, the mouse pointer refuses to move, or you just find an application program being slow or not responding. When you experience this problem, the first thing you can do is to try to close the program, but the program's exit button probably doesn't work.

Cannot Close Quit Program

Image A-1: The exit button in the top right corner.

Here is the quick and simple steps to force quit the program.

(1) Open Windows Task Manager

On all versions of Windows, anytime the system hangs the shortcut keys "Ctrl-Alt-Del" brings up the Task Manager, from which you can force end the program or process causing the hang or crash. Press Alt, Ctrl and Del on your keyboard at the same time.

Start Task Manager

Image A-2: The Windows Task Manager.

Select the option "Start Task Manager" to open Windows Task Manager.

(2) Force a Program to Close

Force Close Application

Image A-3: Choose a Program

Click on a running program that you want to close. In this example, I click on "Adoble Photoshop", and then press "End Task" button, the application program will be closed immediately.

(3) Force a Process to Close

If "Adoble Photoshop" has not closed successfully, switch to "Processes" tab, select "Photoshop.exe*32", and then press "End Process", the process will be force closed.

Force Close Process

Image A-3: Force close a process

Windows Tip:

If you feel your computer is very slow, check the processes which is taking high CPU usage or Memory, and then force close the process. After having done this step, your computer should become fast.

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