How to Fix Error Code 80072EFE While Checking for Updates in Windows 7

If you're checking for updates but receive an error code 80072EFE, it means there is a connection interruption between your computer and the Windows Update servers. Here are some steps that help you solve the 80072EFE issue.


Image A-1: Error code 80072EFE issue

(1) Make sure your internet connection is fine.

Try to open popular websites like,, or others. Sometimes your browser cannot open any webpage but sometimes can, it means that there is a problem in your internet connection. Change the DNS server in the network settings and then re-connect. If you get the internet connection back to normal, try to performance Windows Updates again.

(2) Check the firewall settings.

If you have turned on Windows built-in firewall, turn it off. If you have any third-party firewall software installed in your computer, please temporarily turn it off too and try to performance Windows Updates again.

windows firewall

Image A-1: Windows built-in firewall

(3) Check the antivirus software settings.

What anti-virus application or security suite is installed? Whatever, temporarily disable the applications and try to performance Windows Updates again. if step 3 doesn't work, try step 4.

(4) Use the antivirus software scan your computer

Some computer viruses or trojan horse programs can make changes to your network settings. You should update the virus definitions database before the scan.

My friend, John, experienced the 80072EFE issue, was because of trojan programs. After had cleaning up the trojan programs, the Error Code 80072EFE had been fixed. Just a notice to you about system security

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