How to Install Page Update Watcher

Page Update Watcher has not updated it's version number for a long time, I think this step-by-step installation process on your computer would be same as mine, if there is any different, please let me know, I will check it again and update this page.

Ok, let's start the installation process.

Page Update Watcher Download

Have you downloaded Page Update Watcher? If not, click here for downloading the latest version of Page Update Watcher.

Installation Process of Page Update Watcher

Page Update Watcher - Step 1 - Welcome

Image Step 1: Welcome to the Page Update Watch 1.0 setup wizard.

There are 6 steps in the installation process of Page Update Watcher. The setup wizard will guide you to complete the installation process, just follow the steps, click Next to continue.

Page Update Watcher - Step 2 - License Agreement

Image Step 2: Accept the license agreement of Page Update Watcher.

Page Update Watcher is a free software under GNU license, but it doesn't mean we can do anything about it, to install this software, we must agree the terms of agreement to install Page Update Watcher. Of course click I Agree to continue.

Page Update Watcher - Step 3 - Choose Component

Image Step 3: Choose the components that you want to install.

Choose which features of Page Update Watcher 1.0 you want to install, but there is only one component can be selected, and it is required to install. So click Next to continue.

Page Update Watcher - Step 4 - Choose Install Location

Image Step 4: Choose a folder where you want to install Page Update Watcher.

In this step, if you would not like to change the installation folder, just keep the default setting and click Next to continue.

Page Update Watcher - Step 5 - Choose Start Menu Folder

Image Step 5: Create a shortcut for Page Update Watcher in Start Menu.

You can enter a new name to create a shortcut in Start Menu for Page Update Watcher, or keep the default value. Click Install button will start installing Page Update Watcher in your computer.

Page Update Watcher - Step 6 - Finish Installation

Image Step 6: Finish the setup wizard.

Page Update Watcher has been installed in your computer. Click Finish to close the setup wizard, and then you can start to use Page Update Watcher now!

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