How to Sign Up for a QQ Account

In China, QQ is the most popular instant-messaging software program, every Internet user has one. If you want to make friends with Chinese, registering a QQ account is required.

In this post, I will show you the steps in how to sign up for a QQ account, you can also follow the steps and tips below to sign up for a QQ Account smoothly.

Sign Up for a QQ Account

Step 1: Go to QQ International

Sign Up For a QQ Account

Image A-1: QQ International homepage.
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Official URL

QQ International is an English website which is built for non-Chinese users. The simplest way to sign up a QQ account is to go to the QQ Internetional homepage, and then click the "Sign Up" (1) button in the right top corner.

Step 2: Fill Out the Signup Form

Image A-2: The QQ signup form.

Type in Email account, Nickname, Birthday, Gender, Password, Confirm password, Location, Verification code, Verification image (2). Then click on “Confirmand agree to service terms below.” button (3).

Step 3: Activate Your QQ Account

Success Sign Up QQ Account

Image A-3: The QQ signup success page.

The activation mail will be sent to the email address that you typed in the signup form. Check out your mail Inbox and Spam. Is there any mail from "" or the subject of the mail is "Welcome new QQ user! Please activate your ID." (as screenshot below)

Activate QQ Account

Image A-4: The activation mail sent by

After clicking the confirmation link, your QQ Account will be activated, and then you can start to use your account to login to QQ successfully.

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