How to Install or Add an Internal Hard Disk Drive on Windows 7

Installing an external hard disk drive is the simplest way to boost your total disk space, all you have to do is plug it into a USB port of your computer, and the system will detect it automatically. But installing an internal hard disk drive is not as easy as installing an external hard disk drive, it takes a bit more work.

This post is a step-by-step tutorial that helps you to add or install an internal hard disk drive on your Windows 7 operating system, just follow the next steps.

Install an Internal Hard Disk Drive

Step 1: Find and Use Computer Management

Install Internal Hard Disk

Image A-1: The Step 1 to install an internal hard disk drive.
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On your desktop, move your mouse cursor over the Computer icon, and then right-click it (1), click Manager (2).

Step 2: Click Disk Management

Disk Management

Image A-2: Computer management

In the left navigation pane, under Storage section, click Disk Management (3), the new hard disk will be found in the list if you have installed the hard disk drive correctly.

Step 3: Initialize the Unallocated Disks

New Hard Disk Drive

Image A-3: Disk management

In this instance, prepare to use two new hard disks, hence you can see the screenshot above that shows the Disk 2 and the Disk 3 which are unallocated.

Click the unallocated disks will start to initialize the disks. (4)

Initialize Disk

Image A-4: Initialize Disk

Click the checkboxes (5). The partition style should be MBR (6). (Unless the disk space is bigger than 2 TB, select GPT), and then click OK (7).

You have installed the internal hard disks successfully, however, do not forget to format the hard disks before you can use it.

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