What is WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is a free web software based on PHP programming language and MySQL database, it is one of the most popular website software on the internet.

There are millions web sites are built on WordPress, not only blogging but also business. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables you to build any kind of website, almost anything you can imagine.

What is WordPress

What Is WordPress

Figure: What is WordPress?

Put simply, as you can see, my website is a blog built on WordPress. There are many features that make WordPress so special, plugins and themes are the most powerful.


There are thousands of plugins made by lots of community volunteers, you can download the plugins you need, then use these plugins to increase the functionality of your website.

Installing plugins is easy, you don't need to change any code of your blog, just upload the plugins to your wp-content/plugins folder, then active them in the WordPress control panel.


You can easy change the layout of your blog through your WordPress control panel. There are thousands of themes can be downloaded for free, too.

As well as known, a professional web design service usually costs much money, but use WordPress, you don't need to pay any money to build a beautiful website, just download a nifty theme and then change the theme to the new one. It's done, simple and easy.

How to Start

For beginners, you can sign up an account on WordPress.com to get a blog for free. WordPress.com provides the free blog service to the general public. It is enough for blogging.

For advanced users, you can download the source code directly from WordPress.org and then build a WordPress website by yourself. To make this, the things needed are:

  1. A hosting space supports PHP/MySQL and FTP access.
  2. Your own domain.

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