How to Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE Removal Tool)

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is an easy-to-use antivirus program, it runs silently in the background and automatically updates its virus definitions everyday. Even if it seems very good, some people want to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials from their computer can follow these steps.

Uninstall Program (1)

Image A-1: The step 1 of uninstalling the MS Security Essentials.
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Click "Start" (1) in the left bottom corner, then click "Control Panel" (2) in the Start Menu.

Select Program in Control Panel

Image A-2: The step 2 of uninstalling the MS Security Essentials.

Change "View by" option to Category (3), and then under Programs section, click "Uninstall a program" link.

PS. You can also search "program" in the search bar in right top corner to find the same link.

Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials

Image A-3: Microsoft Security Essentials in the programs list.

Right click Microsoft Security Essentials, then click "Uninstall".

Windows Security Essentials Uninstall Wizard (Step 1)

Image B-1: Windows Security Essentials uninstall wizard.

Clicking "Uninstall" will start the uninstallation process of Microsoft Security Essentials. Removing Security Essentials might leave your computer unprotected, make sure you want to do this, if yes, click on "Uninstall" (5) to continue.

Windows Security Essentials Uninstall Wizard (Step 2)

Image B-2: Security Essentials is uninstalling.

The Windows Security Essentials is uninstalling. All files related to Microsoft Security Essentials will be removed.

Windows Security Essentials Uninstall Wizard (Step 3)

Image B-1: The MSE uninstallation is completed.

You're done, the MSE have been removed from your computer successfully. I suggest you have to install an antivirus software ASAP to protect your computer from potential threats. Click "Finish" (6) to close.

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