How to Uninstall a Software Program in Windows

If you have a software program which is no longer used, you can remove it from your computer to free up space or storage memory. Of course, you can keep it in your Windows, but removing the unused programs is more helpful in increasing the processing speeds of the system.

How to Uninstall Program

Illustration: Uninstall a program on Windows
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Why helpful? If a program is a daemon, it is started up at boot time and always occupy a slot in the system process table and RAM, that is why you should uninstall unused programs to speed up your computer. This tutorial may help you know how to uninstall a program in Windows operating system.

Uninstall a Program

Uninstall Program (1)

Image A-1: The step 1 of uninstalling a program.
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Click "Start" (1) in the left bottom corner, then click "Control Panel" (2) in the Start Menu.

Select Program in Control Panel

Image A-2: The step 2 of uninstalling a program.

Change "View by" option to Category (3), and then under Programs section, click "Uninstall a program" link.

PS. You can also search "program" in the search bar on right top corner to find the same link.

Program List

Image A-3: The step 3 of uninstalling a program.

You can see the installed programs list, move your mouse on the program that you want to uninstall and double right click it, the uninstallation process will start.

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