How to Get an Avast License Key – Avast Registration Guide

After you have downloaded Avast and have installed Avast successfully, but you can only use Avast to protect your computer for 30 days, unless you register to get a free Avast license key.

There are two ways to get an Avast license key:

  1. Register directly through Avast software
  2. Via official registration application form on Avast site

Avast Registration

Way 1: Through Avast Software

Get Avast License Key

Image A-1: Avast antivirus user interface.
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When you open Avast, click "MAINTENANCE" from the left navigation menu, you will find a sub-menu, click "Registration" (1), then click on "Register Now" button (2), there will be pop-up a registration form.

Free Antivirus Registration

Image A-2: Fill out the registration form.

You need to fill out the registration form to get the license key for free. Select Title and Country, fill in Name and Email, then click on "Register for Free License" (3) button.

Registered Avast Successfully

Image A-3: Success message.

If you see this message it means you have registered a free license for Avast successfully, congrats. This is the easiest way to get an Avast license key. Click "Close" (4) button to close.

Way 2: Via Official Registration Application Form

You can also use the license key request form on Avast site.

Application Form Demo

Image B-1: The registration application form

Notice that email must be filled correctly, because Avast will send the license key to this email address. Question of where the product is installed and used, the answer must be selected "At home", because that Avast free editon only is free for personal and home use.

After clicking "Register free license", then check your email inbox or spam box, you will receive the license key sent from Avast.

Now, you can use Avast free antivirus for 1 year. After 1 year the license will have expired, just repeat those steps once again to extend the license term.

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