How to Make a Google Profile Page

Google Profile is the way that allows users to provide their personal information such as real name, nickname, photo, bio, contact, links and more details to present themselves on Google products and across the web. Everyone who has a Google account can make a Google profile page.

If you have a Google account, you are free to create, edit or delete your profile anytime, deleting your profile won't delete your Google account, but changing the name in your profile changes the name in the your Google account as well. You can decide which information are public to everyone on the Internet. By default, the first name and last name will be public and will display on the Google products that you have used.

How to Make a Google Profile

There are two ways that you can sign up for a Google profile:

  1. Via links on a variety of Google products.
  2. Visit the homepage of Google profile and click "Create my profile" button.

Way 1: Via Links on a Variety of Google Products

To make a Google profile is not that difficult, sign in any of Google products (like Gmail, Picasa, etc.), you will see there is a menubar on the top of the page.

Google Account Menubar

Image A-1: Google account menubar.
Screenshot by Terry |

Click on the link named as your Google account (for example, mine is, as shown as screenshot) will float a pop-up under the link.

Create Google Profile

Image A-2: The link to create profile.

Clicking on "Create profile" link will lead you to create a Google profile.


If you don't see the menu as shown as the screenshot after you have signed in your Google account, you may go to and then see a "Settings" link on the right-top of the page.

Google Account Menubar 2

Image A-3: The link to create profile.

Click on "Settings", and then click on "Google Account Settings". In Google Account page, you will see a "Create profile" link near your photo under the Profile section.

Way 2: Visit Google Profile Directly

Google Profile Home

Image A-4: Google Profile official homepage.

Visit the URL below:

Click on "Create my profile" blue button will start to build your Google profile.

Manage your Google Profile

Google Profile Manage

Image B-1: My Google profile.

After entering your first name and last name, your Google profile will be created successfully, and then access to your Google profile. In your Google profile, you can provide a variety of additional information about yourself.

If you don't want your email address to be public, you can also enable people to contact you without displaying your contact information. Google Profile is a great service that enables you to promote yourself or your business. Many people today are using Google Profile as their primary URL printed on business card, maybe you can use Google Profile like them as well.

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