Satellite Direct Reviews – My Honest Experience of Using Satellite Direct

Satellite Direct is a paid Internet TV software, it is not free, although it looks so good and be attractive to us. I know that people search the keywords "Satellite Direct Reviews" and find my article here is for making a good decision of purchase of Satellite Direct, you have to view my honest experience of using Satellite Direct before you buy. After reading my review of Satellite Direct, buy it or not, depends on you.

Download: Download Satellite Direct v2.8.1.1 (The latest version)

Notice that I will not update this review for Satellite Direct version because this is only my experience.

Bad Points

Actually, I am not a little satisfied with this software, because the bad points below:

(1) Display Ads

SatelliteDirect Screenshot 1

Image A-1: You can see an Ad is displayed in the bottom.
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I understand the free software require displaying Ads to keep operating, but don't like the Ads displayed in the paid software. Why do I see Ads in the software I have paid for? In "Premium TV" area, there is only an advertisement in there too.

(2) Watch Movies Doesn't Work

Satellite Direct Screenshot

Image A-2: You can see the Watch Movies feature doesn't work.

As shown as screenshot above, the "Watch Movies" feature doesn't work. Did it work before? I don't know because this is my first time to use Satellite Direct. I want to watch free movies online by using Satellite Direct but it can't be helped. If Satellite Direct can not provide this feature, the developer should remove it from user interface, or users may be confused.

Good Points

Although Satellite Direct has the bad points, but it has good points too. Someone may buy this software due to the good points.

(1) Watch 3500+ TV Channels Online

SatelliteDirect Reviews

Image A-3: You can choose many countries if you want.

Satellite Direct contains more than 3500 TV Channels, the TV channels are from different countries around the world, after buying a Satellite Direct license and installing Satellite Direct on my computer, I won't waste my time to search stream TV stations just for watching TV shows online.

(2) Listen to 1000+ Radio Stations Online

Satellite Direct Reviews 2

Image A-4: You can listen to the radio online by using Satellite Direct.

In addition to watching TV online, Satellite Direct provides more than 1000 radio stations that I can listen to music and broadcasts on the Internet. It is not only an Internet TV software but also a good Internet radio software.

(3) No Subscription or Installation Fees

Unlike other cable networks, satellite televisions are always subscribed, pay over $100 a month with limited channel availability. I bought the Satellite Direct just pay a onetime fee of $49 and I can use it to watch TV shows online for lifetime.

(4) No Hardware to Install

I don't need to install any hardware, simply download Satellite Direct software, install it on my computer, open it, enjoy over 3500 channels worldwide, that's all.

(5) Automatic Channel Updates

Satellite Direct updates the TV and radio list automatically, all channels are available in this software, it's good for me.

Satellite Direct Reviews

I give this Satellite Direct software a 4 of 5 stars review, because of the best main feature is that it has thousands of TV channels. It saves my time for searching online TV.

Hope this helps.

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