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Page Update Watcher is an utility that enables you to automatically monitor your favorite pages for updates and changes on the Internet. You add which pages to monitor, and Page Update Watcher will check the pages by schedule that you define, those can be done automatically or manually.

Page Update Watcher User Interface

Image: Page Update Watcher User Interface
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An instance is here. I use Page Update Watcher to help me blogging, I write posts regarding software downloads and reviews, but those software will be updated to latest version by their authors at any time, Page Update Watcher helps me to monitor the original download pages for any updates, after I received the notifications from Page Update Watcher, I can update my posts immediately for my readers, it really saves my time a lot.

Page Update Watcher supports different types of update alerts (pop-up/sound/e-mail). It can work on all Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT/Vista/7) operating systems without problems, and it is free! It is also an open source software that you can download the source code from it's probject website and motify it for your needs.

The Main Features of Page Update Watcher

  • Page Update Watcher is free!
  • It supports three types of update alerts. Pop-up, sound and e-mail.
  • Pages can be monitored manually or automatically by individual schedule.

Page Update Watcher Download

Software Name Page Update Watcher
Version 1.1 (2006-03-23)
Author Pedro Matias, Sergey Firsov
Official URL
Type Freeware
Operating System Windows
Language English
Page Update Watcher Free Download

The direct download links are official, we usually provide the latest version of them, if you need to read more information about other versions of Page Update Watcher, please visit the official Page Update Watcher download page, here.

Page Update Watcher Installation

Don't konw how to install Page Update Watcher? An installation guide for Page Update Watcher is here.

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