Windows 7 SP1 Language Packs (Service Pack 1 MUI ,Direct Download Links from Windows Update)

Has your Windows 7 operating system been upgraded to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 ( abbr: SP1) ? If the answer is “not yet”, then you should not download those language packs because they are for Windows 7 SP1. To download language packs for Windows 7 RTM, please read: Windows 7 Language Packs (RTM MUI, Direct Download Links from Windows Update).

The Multilingual User Interface (MUI) language packs for Windows 7 SP1 have been released by Microsoft at February 22, 2011 (Reference:KB2483139). Here are the official direct download links for Windows 7 SP1 MUI language packs, you can use them for changing Windows display language.

Windows 7 Multi-Language Packs

Illustration: There is a total of 35 languages in Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs
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Firstly, you must find out what is the system type (32-bit or 64-bit) of your operating system, make sure that conform with the operating system before downloading the language packs. If you don't know how to find it, here is a step-by-step illustrate tutorial that can help you a lot.

Download 64-bit (x64) Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs

Language Download Link Size
Arabic Download 66.87 MB
Bulgarian Download 49.44 MB
Chinese (Simplified) Download 166.5 MB
Chinese (Traditional) Download 187.4 MB
Croatian Download 54.71 MB
Czech Download 65.5 MB
Danish Download 59.54 MB
Dutch Download 63.18 MB
English Download 163.57 MB
Estonian Download 46.88 MB
Finnish Download 64.42 MB
French Download 103.68 MB
German Download 123.48 MB
Greek Download 64.61 MB
Hebrew Download 55.9 MB
Hungarian Download 62.17 MB
Italian Download 60.33 MB
Japanese Download 123.35 MB
Korean Download 81.61 MB
Latvian Download 44.01 MB
Lithuanian Download 48.48 MB
Norwegian Download 66.27 MB
Polish Download 66.86 MB
Portuguese (Brazil) Download 63.39 MB
Portuguese (Portugal) Download 63.37 MB
Romanian Download 53.1 MB
Russian Download 67.47 MB
Serbian (Latin) Download 56.86 MB
Slovak Download 48.27 MB
Slovenian Download 47.94 MB
Spanish Download 108.87 MB
Swedish Download 63.26 MB
Thai Download 49.79 MB
Turkish Download 56.65 MB
Ukrainian Download 50.96 MB

Download 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs

Language Download Link Size
Arabic Download 51.17 MB
Bulgarian Download 40.7 MB
Chinese (Simplified) Download 144.29 MB
Chinese (Traditional) Download 116.11 MB
Croatian Download 46.15 MB
Czech Download 53.66 MB
Danish Download 48.37 MB
Dutch Download 51.9 MB
English Download 155.75 MB
Estonian Download 38.57 MB
Finnish Download 53.04 MB
French Download 91.82 MB
German Download 111.74 MB
Greek Download 51.97 MB
Hebrew Download 44.39 MB
Hungarian Download 50.7 MB
Italian Download 49.17 MB
Japanese Download 100.47 MB
Korean Download 57.35 MB
Latvian Download 35.57 MB
Lithuanian Download 39.98 MB
Norwegian Download 55.32 MB
Polish Download 55.16 MB
Portuguese (Brazil) Download 51.7 MB
Portuguese (Portugal) Download 51.98 MB
Romanian Download 44.87 MB
Russian Download 54.49 MB
Serbian (Latin) Download 48.24 MB
Slovak Download 39.97 MB
Slovenian Download 39.42 MB
Spanish Download 97.46 MB
Swedish Download 51.93 MB
Thai Download 41.28 MB
Turkish Download 45.37 MB
Ukrainian Download 42.29 MB

How to use Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs?

Lastly, after you have downloaded them, just double click the .exe file and then follow the steps in the installation process until installation is complete. If you have any question in how to change Windows 7 language, here is a step-by-step tutorial ready for you.

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