Windows Grep Download, A Search Tool for Windows

Sometimes you just forget a file where you wrote some important information, you want to find it out. Or, you are a programmer, you want to search particular strings through folders and files and see which lines in those files that match a given search term.

Windows Grep Download

Figure: Windows Grep user interface

No matter what reason you want to search, Windows Grep is an useful software, it works like Unix Grep but more friendly use for Windows users.

If you're looking for a Grep tool for Windows, here it is.

Windows Grep Download

Software Name Windows Grep
Version 2.3(2012/1/13)
Author Huw Millington
Official URL
Type Shareware (30-Day Free Trial)
Operating System Windows
Language English
Windows Grep Free Download 30-Day Trial Edition

The direct links are official Windows Grep free download. If the links are borken, please contact with us, we will fix the Windows Grep download link as soon as possible.

Steps to Windows Grep Download

(1) Go to Windows Grep download page

Windows Grep Download Page

Figure: Windows Grep download page

Type in your browser bar and key Enter or click the link in this article to go to the Windows Grep Download's homepage.

You can also click the Windows Grep Download button in this article, it is the Windows Grep direct download link provided by official.

(2) Click on Windows Grep download link

If you use web browser has the built-in Download Manager, the Windows Grep download process will automatically start by clicking the download link [1], or the browser will ask you to do when you click on the download link.

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