How to Check Whether a Player Uses Aimbot Hack or Not – Medal of Honor 2010

Medal of Honor is my favorite game series, the latest version of the game is Medal of Honor 2010 (another name is Medal of Honor Tier 1 Edition), I bought the game last year and have played for 280 hours or more!! But I am disappointed that there are too many players who use aimbot hack in Multiplayer of Medal of Honor 2010.

What Is Aimbot Hack

An aimbot hack is a program that refers a bot automatically target an enemy player and "lock on" to them, the aimbot will automatically aim for the head, making it a lot easier for the player to kill the target. I found a way to check whether a player uses aimbot hack or not, it is easy and simple, just check the player's statistics on Stats Verse.

Check Player's Statistics on Stats Verse

Stats Verse - Medal of Honor 2010

Image A-1: Stats Verse website. URL:

Stats Verse is a website which gathers statistics of game play from game players and EA Ranking servers. Enter a player's name and then press SEARCH button, the page will show the full statistic of game play of the player's name.

How to Determine Whether A Player Is A Cheater

The players' name in the sceenshots have been hidden due to private protection. You may find something is different between them after watching the following sceenshots.

The Gameplay Statistics of A Good Player

Image B-1: The gameplay statistics of a good player.

As you can see, this player has played for 2454 games and got 233 marksman ribbons only.

The Gameplay Statistics of A Cheater

Image B-2: The gameplay statistics of a cheating player.

With just 1897 games but he got 2281 marksman ribbons, It is obvious he is a cheating player, do you agree with me?

To obtain a marksman ribbon that a player must kill 8 enemy players in a game with headshot, it is hard to make it, but that's nothing to a player who uses the aimbot hack.

The difference between good players and cheating players is that good players enjoy the game very much and make everybody else enjoy the game also, but cheating players are not. I't is just a game, the score is meaningless, because the game will be forgotten after 1 or 2 years when the next Medal of Honor become available in the market. So, why not just enjoy the game completely without cheating?

Lastly, if you are interested in reading history of Congressional Medal of Honor, plase visit Medal of Honor Wiki.

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