How to Set Goolge as Homepage in Google Chrome

Everyday I search for information I need by using Google search engine more than hundred times, for a heavy googling user like me, I set Google as homepage in browser for convenience. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser, of course the is the homepage when I open the Google Chrome on my computer.

Steps to Set Goolge as Homepage

If you use Google Chrome and would like to set your homepage to, the steps are simple. In this article, I will show you the steps to set Google as homepage in Google Chrome.

(1) Go to Google Chrome setting

Set Goolge as Homepage (1, 2)

Figure a-1: Set Goolge as homepage (step 1 and 2)

Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (1) which is at the top right corner of the screen, and then select Settings (2) in the menu.

(2) Change startup setting

Google Chrome English Homepage

Figure a-2: Set Goolge as homepage (step 3)

In Chrome Settings tab, under On startup section.

Check the third checkbox (Open a specific page or set of pages), and then click on the Set pages(3) link to pop up a setup window.

(3) Set Goolge as homepage

Set Goolge as My Homepage (4,5)

Figure a-3: Set Goolge as homepage (step 4 and 5)

Enter ""(4) to the field in the pop-up window corresponding with "Add a new page", and then click on the OK(5) button to save the settings.

Close the Google Chrome browser and open it once again, you'll see your homepage in Google Chrome is now.

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