Facebook Privacy Settings 2013 Update

Facebook privacy settings issues always concern the Facebook users, for improving the user experience and reducing the privacy issues, recently Facebook has simplified its privacy settings in the end of 2012.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Figure a-1: Facebook Privacy Settings 2013

A privacy shortcut is added to the shortcut bar which is located at the top right of the page. Click on the padlock icon and a menu will drop down. The drop-down menu includes three privacy questions the people most common concern for. The first question is "Who can see my stuff?", the second is "Who can contact me?" and the third is "How do I stop someone from bothering me?".

Clicking any of these links will pop a menu includes the corresponding privacy settings, it helps you quickly adjust the better privacy settings for your needs. Clicking on the "See More Settings" link will take you to the broader Facebook privacy page which contains them all.

Facebook Privacy Settings - What's New?

In order to fully protect your Facebook account privacy, my personal suggestion is to set all data to be viewable to Friends only. How to do it well? The following description will make you more clear.

Future Posts

Facebook Privacy Settings (1)  Future Post

Figure b-1: Facebook privacy settings - Future posts

You're able to decide who can view your posts on your Timeline. Changing this setting to "Friend" will make your future posts to be viewable to Friends only. If you change it to Public, anyone can view your future posts.

Activity Log

Facebook Privacy Settings Activity Log

Figure b-2: Facebook privacy settings - Activity Log

Facebook updated its privacy settings with an easily accessible Activity Log, where you can review and change the privacy setting to all of your activity.

Request Removal Tool

Facebook Privacy Settings (3) Request Removal Tool

Figure b-3: Facebook Privacy Settings - Request Removal Tool

A new Request Removal Tool will let you get rid of embarrassing photos or check-ins you don't want to display on your Timeline. In the Activity Log page, check on "Posts You're Tagged In" (the check-ins you're tagged in) or "Photos of You" (the photos you're tagged in), and then you're able to remove the tags from those posts or photos by yourself.

Timeline Preview Tool

Facebook Privacy Settings (4) Timeline Preview Tool

Figure b-4: Facebook Privacy Settings - Timeline Preview Tool

You can easy to find the Timeline Preview Tool in the Privacy Shortcut, use the tool to preview what is your Facebook Timeline looks like to Public or specific person, and then adjust your Facebook privacy settings to control which information to be viewable to friends, or to the public.

More about Facebook Privacy Settings 2013

Facebook apps will now have to ask you for that permission in two separate requests to access your personal information and post to your Timeline. In the past, Facebook apps gained your permission to post on your behalf when your signed up for the app. Now, you finally can make a better decision to avoid the spammy apps to spread the advertising messages on your Facebook profile.

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