Download Windows 8 Free Full Version by Direct Download Link

Download Windows 8 upgrade version from Windows Store, the price is $39.99 for upgrading your old Windows systems to the Windows 8 Pro version.

Before the Microsoft released the Windows 8 upgrade version, a Windows 8 full version was early released on May 31, 2012 and your can download it from the official page of Windows 8 Release Preview, but since Windows 8 Pro released, Microsoft has closed the download page and forwarded it to Windows 8 Meet.

Download Windows 8

Figure a-1: Download Windows 8 Release Preview

Download Windows 8 Release Preview of Full version

Before you download Windows 8 full version release preview, you should check out your system specs to see if it meets the minimum system requirements of Windows 8, this step will make sure you use the Windows 8 smoothly.

Software Name Windows 8 Full Version
Version build 8200 (2012/5/31)
Author Microsoft
Official URL
Type Release Preview
Operating System Windows 8
Language English
Download Windows 8 direct link

The direct links are official Windows 8 download. If the links are borken, please contact with us, we will fix the Windows 8 download link as soon as possible.

Notice about this Windows 8 download

When the direct links are provided by Microsoft, its download link domain must is, if you download the Windows 8 full version which is not from Microsoft, you should check the files name and SHA 1 hash to confirm the files have not been modified.

System type Filename / SHA 1 hash
32-bit (x86) Windows8-ReleasePreview-32bit-English.iso

64-bit (x64) Windows8-ReleasePreview-64bit-English.iso


Windows 8 product Key

A Windows 8 product key is provided officially by Microsoft for everyone can activate the Windows 8 Release Preview. This Windows 8 product key is universal known and Microsoft said that this key is set to expire on January 15, 2013.


If you are looking for more Windows 8 Pro product keys, sorry for that, please google the keyword Windows 8 product key by yourself. We don't provide and support any software piracy, this key is only for Windows 8 release preview and will be no longer work.

Download Windows 8 free trial version

After January 15, 2013, Microsoft may close the download link of the Windows 8 full version release preview. If the download is not available anymore, you have another choice is to download Windows 8 free trial version, for more information and download Windows 8 free trial version please real this article.

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