Twitter Sign Up: How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account

We are in a particular period today, everyone is social networking. The companies promote their products by using the social network, the people share what happened in their life on the social networking websites. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Google and Twitter account, if you don't have one, why wait?

Twitter Sign Up

Figure 1: The homepage of Twitter, the Twitter sign up form is here.

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  1. Facebook [Create a Facebook account]
    Post your recent stats, share anything about your life, it is the most popular social networking website.

  2. Google+ [Create a Google account]
    If you have a Gmail account, you already have the Google+ account, just simply find it on the navigation menu when logging in your Gmail account.

Twitter Sign Up

Twitter is a microblogging service that enables you to send and read text-based messages, it is a little similar to the Stats Update on your Facebook, but it has a text length limit of up to 140 characters.

I don't understand why is Twitter so popular, because I don't use it often, but since everyone uses it, we can sign up for a Twitter account to give it a try.

Twitter sign up is not intimidating for the computer beginners, it is simple to sign up for a Twitter account. This article shows you the steps oo how to create a Twitter account, you can follow the steps to make the Twitter sign up process fast and easy.

Steps to Sign up for Twitter

(1) Go to Twitter sign up page

Simply go to the Twitter website by clicking on the link below:

Twitter Signup Form

Figure 2: Twitter signup form.

The Twitter homepage is also the sign up page, the Twitter sign up form is at the right part of the screen. Fill out this form, enter your Name, Email and the password you would like to use, and then click on Sign up for Twitter button.(1)

(2) Complete the Twitter sign up form

Sign Up for Twitter Account

Figure 3: Twitter sign up form.

In the step 2, you need to complete the Twitter sign up form.

Type your password in the Confirm password field, and type the username you would like to use in the Choose your username field, and then click on the Create my account button.(2)

(3) Build your Twitter stream

Build Your Twitter Stream

Figure 4: Build your twitter stream.

After signing up for your Twitter account, the next step is to build your stream, click on the Next(3) button.

Twitter will ask you to follow a least 5 accounts to create a customized stream of information on your Twitter homepage. Search the topics(4) that you're interested, find the people you want to follow to get their tweets, and then click on the Follow button.

Click on the Next(5) button.

(4) More tweets

Well-known People Twitter

Figure 5: Step 4 of the Twitter sign up process.

Twitter will ask you add more well-known people's Twitter page..

At this time, the Next button will be appeared after you have followed 3 well-known people. Click the Next button to continue.

(5) Introduce yourself or just Skip

Twitter Sign Up Step 5

Figure 6: Step 5 of the Twitter sign up process.

You can upload an image by clicking on the Upload image button or write something in the Bio field to introduce yourself to the people who visit your Twitter page. Or just click on the Skip link to see what your Twitter looks like.

(6) The last step of Twitter sign up

Twitter Sign Up Home

Figure 7: Step 6 of the Twitter sign up process.

This is your Twitter homepage, you can follow more users to get their Tweets on your Twitter homepage and unfollow anyone at any time.

The last step, clicking on the confirm link in the email sent from Twitter to verify your Twitter account.

Enjoy for happy tweeting!

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