How to Find out Your Facebook Stalkers and Profile Creeps

Due to privacy reasons and avoid app scam, Facebook denies any app that claims you can find out who is stalking you on Facebook and viewing your profile, because there is no Facebook app has the capability to find out who are your Facebook stalkers and track who is visiting your profile.

In Dec. 2012, Is Facebook plagued with a privacy issue once again? Any Facebook user can directly finds out a list "InitialChatFriendsList" that contained Facebook User IDs of your friends in web page's source code, and many Facebook users said this list is sorted by relevance, based on the frequency of viewing your Facebook Profile.

Incredible.. but after testing it, I believe it is true, supposedly not a gossip. Just hope Facebook team will fix it ASAP.

Do you want to know who is your biggest fan? Who is stalking you on Facebook? Follow the steps below:

Steps to find out Facebook stalkers

(1) View page source

Find Out Facebook Stalkers

Figure a-1: Step 1 of finding out Facebook stalkers.

When you're logged in Facebook, and you are viewing your profile, right-click on any blank space of the current page, select View Page Source. (In this example, my web browser is Firefox)

(2) Search the string: InitialChatFriendsList

Use the search function to search the string "InitialChatFriendsList", hit CTRL+F and type InitialChatFriends.

You can also use the search function for IE (figure a-3) or Firefox (figure a-2) to do this.

search InitialChatFriendsList

Figure a-2: Firefox 3.6

Facebook InitialChatFriends

Figure a-3: Internet Explorer 8

(3) Find out friend's IDs..

Facebook Friend ID

Figure a-4: The Facebook user IDs of your friends.

After you have found out the string "InitialChatFriendsList" (1), next to it you will see many long-length numbers in quotation marks. The numbers are your friends' user ID. The first long-length number (2) is the friend who views you the most.

(4) Who is your top facebook Stalker?

Facebook Profile URL

Figure a-5: Check out who is the top stalker.

Copy this number and paste it to the end of on your browser's address bar, and then press Enter. You will see the who is your top stalker.

I'm not sure is it real, but I think Facebook will fix it soon.


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