Google Apps for Free Is Not Available to Sign up Since Today

Google Apps for Free is a great service provided by Google, but it is not available to sig up new account since today. I just received an email from Google that notifies us about this.

The email's detail is below:

Google Apps for Free

Image a-1: Email from Google - News for Google Apps for Free

It is a bad news for many Google fans who are personal or small company. But don't worry, if you have already used Google Apps for Free, Google said that the change has no impact to your service, you can continue to use Google Apps for Free.

I think many people who like to use Google Apps because of Gmail for Your Domain, although it is not free anymore, you can start a free 30-day trial of Google Apps for Business, after trail, it it's $5 USD per user per month.

Sign up Google Apps for free 30-day trail

For more information about Google Apps, you can read this article.

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