Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative: Open Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer was a webmaster tool which allowed viewing of information on websites or URLs. The worth part of the information for webmasters was to check backlinks in Yahoo's search index, many webmasters used it to find out where a URL is linked from, it is very useful information for making search engine optimization strategies.

Yahoo Site Explorer

Figure a-1: Yahoo Site Explorer Screenshot

But since Yahoo Site Explorer has shut down on November 21, 2011, there is no free backlinks checker website which is similar to Yahoo Site Explorer.

Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

Today as the charm of Yahoo Site Explorer is fading, online marketers and SEOs are worried about who they will get free access to important information. There are hardly any free tools for covering each and everything but SEOMoz offers Open Site Explorer that will fulfil your entire requirement only if you have its Pro membership.

Open Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative

Figure a-2: Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative: Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a website analysis service provided by SEOMoz. Open Site Explorer will provide abundance of useful information related to your website mainly of the websites that are linked to your site. This free tool is available online that offers SEO specialists and web developers details like source of links, domain authority, total links, page authority, and so on.


For getting the analysis report by filling in the field with a URL you want to query, and clicking on Search button. It is free to use, but some valuable information is only showed to register members.

The main features of Open Site Explorer are great and even much better than Yahoo Site Explorer:

  • It provides you with ideas about the rank of your page.

    Page rank is somewhat similar to domain or page authority. If the page rank is high, it means that the website ranks good compared to many other sites. It only gives clue about your current ranking but will not save you from Google penalties. Hence it is important that you monitor PR regularly and make necessary changes when required. Your page rank can be increased by linking them to different blogs as well as writing guest posts. Ensure that you are linking to blogs that are high in quality else your page rank can drop below its existing rank. You can also comment on different blogs which will again help you in achieving your target.

  • Information about the link data is provided.

    With this tool, you get an idea about your external and internal links along with no-followed and followed links. This information will help you in evaluating whether you are getting good quality links or not for your website or is your site facing repercussions from low quality links because of ping backs. Linking errors can be corrected if a tool like Open Site Explorer is there then it will warn you. Moreover, linking to different blogs will not just provide backlink juice as well as help you get visitors from readers of different blogs. Hence, you must write content of such type that readers get impressed and visit your blog definitely.

  • It helps you in getting a look of what your competitor’s ranking is.

    Open Site Explorer gives you the opportunity of comparing link metrics among and between several websites especially those of your competitors. In this way, one can create new goals for SEO and take new steps for assuring better ranking for them. It also provides you the chance of working on parts where you lag when compared to your competitors.

  • Helps you in determining good quality websites for backlinking to.

    Currently, a highly recommendable SEO strategy is Guest blogging. Submission as well as acceptance of the guest blog can be a great method of getting more links even without paying for them because guest blogs are most of the time free of cost. Open Site Explorer will help you in determining the websites that are good for posting guest blogs and the sites that are good for asking guest blogs. As already said, links obtained from good quality websites, help in boosting search engine ranking as well as increase the visibility of your blog on the search engine.

  • Metric Data Domain Authority.

    A better metric for calculating SEO importance of sites is domain authority. Google Page Rank will provide general indication to link power of website in Google. With domain authority metric, stronger and better picture of the current level of the website is provided with authority and trust.

With the help of this tool, you can easily see the performance of the website that will be helpful when Google will bring about changes in its algorithms so as to prove your site’s success. The perks that you get from Open Site Explorer tool can be maximized if you create an account. The Web applications offered by it will give the on-page variety as well as recommend actions that are useful for your website. Moreover, you will better understand where things should be and provides with clear instructions on how to fix for seeing the results immediately. All you have to do is to make recommended improvements and see the improvement in your website’s ranking.

Yahoo Site Explorer Alternative?
Bing Webmaster Tools or Open Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer allows viewing of website information in the Yahoo search index. This tool is mainly helpful in finding details about backlinks that lead to a particular domain or website. Currently this service has been stopped and this technology has been shifted to Microsoft. Although Yahoo Site Explorer has been merged with Bing Webmaster Tools, but you can only add and check your site in Bing Webmaster Tools, it's no help because you can not analyse the URLs or Websites of your competitors on the Internet.

But the same function and feature as Yahoo Site Explorer is provided by Open Site Explorer offered by SEOMoz. This application will monitor link metrics and competitor’s ranking so that users can gain edge on search results page. It will give a view to your competitors that you are hiding within their air-ducts. This application keeps on improving with time. SEOMoz keeps a record of the key metrics and hence your success can be traced continuously.

Good news:

SEOMoz is providing you free Pro membership for 30 days without any charge, you can sign up for a free Pro membership here and then feel free to access all great features of Open Site Explorer.

Moreover, the tool keeps on enhancing the web app with latest functionalities and features every month so as to ensure that users are getting latest industry leading SEO services and technology. Users are requested to sign-up for free and give a chance to this product to show its capability and functionality.

The tool aims at presuming different level of knowledge as well as willingness to give the best to its users. Making money from SEO market has become a difficult task these days because of the large number of options and tools coming up daily. Hence, the users need to select a tool that can fulfil as their needs and requirements and give the results that they desire. Open Site Explorer is one such outstanding tool that will help you focus on good quality links that are coming from good quality websites.

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