How to Get an Authorization Code from Godaddy

If you want to transfer your domain name from Godaddy to another registrar, you need to obtain the authorization code for the domain name. Domain registrar will require you provide an authorization code which is used to authorize a transfer request.

I am transfering a domain name from Godaddy to Dynadot, and writing this article simultaneously. This article describes the steps of getting an authorization code of your domain.

Here are the steps:

Get an Authorization Code

  1. Login to your Godaddy account. The login area is located in the top left corner of the page.

    Login Godaddy

    Image a-1: Login to Godaddy

  2. Click on Launch button which is next to DOMAINS.

    Godaddy Domain Launch Button

    Image a-2: In your Godaddy account

  3. In your domain name list, click on the domain your want to get the authorization code.

    Godaddy Domain Name

    Image a-3: The domain name list

  4. Click on Send by Email.

    Godaddy Authorization Code

    Image a-4: Godaddy authorization code

  5. The authorization code email will be sent to your domain administrator contact after clicking on OK button.

    Send Auth Code Email

    Image a-5: Send Godaddy authorization code email

Check your email inbox, once you receive the email containing the authorization code, you can begin the domain transfer process on another registrar now.

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