How to Login and Set up Gmail for Your Domain

The previous article I wrote about Use Gmail with Your Own Domain, is a course totally different to this. It uses Email forwarding, not sets up your domain hosted at Gmail servers, and therefore you cannot use your branded email address to login to Gmail.

Do you want to login to Gmail with your own domain? As shown as Image a-1, I use my own domain "" and a branded email address "terry" to login to Gmail.

If you have your own domain, you'll also be able to set up any email address you want to provide to your friends, employees, or families by using the powerful and user-friendly Gmail interface.

Setting up Gmail for your domain is not easy, the steps are probably intimidating for beginners but it's okay, following the steps will help you make it easier.

Gmail Login Page

Image a-1: Gmail login page of your own domain

Gmail for Your Domain

This great feature is a part of Google Apps, it means that the steps will be:

  1. Signing up Google Apps - Please see step 1 to 8.
  2. Setting up Gmail for your domain - Please see step 9 to 12.

Signing up Google Apps

  1. Either click the link or click on your browser's address bar and enter the URL below to go to the Google Apps homepage.

    Click on Price which is on the menu.

    Google Apps Homepage

    Image a-2: Google Apps for Business homepage

  2. As you can see (Image a-3), Google Apps for Business is a paid service, however, Google Apps is free but has a limit for maximum number of users. I think it's enough for personal use even if you can only create 10 users on Google Apps free edition.

    Google Apps Free Edition

    Image a-3: Google Apps price list

  3. Fill in the field with your domain name and then click Submitbutton.

    Domain for Google Apps

    Image a-4: Start to set up Gmail for your domain

  4. Fill out the application form and click on "I accept! Create my account" button.

    Note: In the Create your new Google Apps login section, the Username is your administrative account, fill in this field carefully.

    Google Apps Form

    Image a-5: Create a Google Apps account

  5. The setup wizard is somewhat lengthy. The only thing you can do it to click Next.

    Google Apps Setup Wizard

    Image a-6: Gmail for your domain - step 5

  6. Click on Continue button.

    Google Apps Verify Domain

    Image a-7: Verify the domain's ownership

  7. There are two methods to verify the ownership of your domain. The Recommended Method is more complicated than the Alternate Methods , so I suggest to choose HTML file upload which is in Alternate Methods tab, it is easiest method to verify you are the owner of your domain.

    Choose HTML file upload.

    Download a file that looks something like this: google3237e2de42135m22.html, and then use the FTP software to upload this file to the root folder of your website. After having done this step, click on VERIFY button.

    Verify Domain Ownership for Google Apps

    Image a-8: Gmail for your domain – step 7

  8. Click on Continue to begin the steps of setting up gmail for your domain.

    Complete Signup Google Apps

    Image a-9: The step 9 of Setting up Gmail for Your Domain

Setting up Gmail for Your Domain

  1. Login to your Google Apps dashboard, in the Your Google apps section, click on Settings which is next to the Gmail icon.

    Google Apps Dashboard

    Image b-1: Gmail for your domain settings

  2. Click on MX setup instructions.

    Gmail for Your Domain Settings

    Image b-2: The MX records of your domain

  3. Choose Google Servers, and then click on Next button.

    Setup Gmail for Your Domain

    Image b-3: The setup wizard of Google Apps.

  4. Make sure that you have set up your domain's MX records to point to Google servers. Most domain registrars (like Godaddy, Dynadot.. etc.) offer free DNS control panel. You can add those MX records in your domain's DNS control panel.
    Priority Address

    Click on Next button. Gmail system will periodically to check your record status. You can begin using Gmail after this step is done.

    Checking MX Record of Your Domain

    Image b-4: The last step of setting up Gmail for your domain.

You're done. You can start to use Gmail for your own domain now.


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