How to Turn off Firewall in Windows 7

Since Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Firewall is included in Windows operating system, and it is switched on by default.

Sometimes you are meeting problems with the internet connection on your computer, you need to turn it off for troubleshooting.

Or you just want to use another third-party software firewall, but it's not recommend to run two software firewalls as they can conflict with each other and actually decrease the effectiveness of the firewall, so you need to turn off the Windows built-in firewall.

In this article I will show you how to turn off firewall in Windows 7, step by step with screenshots.

Steps to Turn off Firewall in Windows 7

  1. Click the Start button in bottom left corner of screen.
  2. Select Control Panel.

    Turn Off Windows Firewall

    Image a-1: Turn off firewall in windows 7 (step 1 and 2)

  3. Select View by to Large icons.
  4. Click Windows Firewall to goto Firewall settings. (You can also type "firewall" in the text box marked "Search Control Panel" and press Enter)

    Disable Windows Firewall

    Image a-2: Turn off firewall windows 7 (step 3 and 4)

  5. Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

    Turn Off Windows7 Firewall

    Image a-3: Turn off firewall in windows 7 (step 5)

  6. Click the radio buttons for Turn off Windows firewall (not recommended) under both "Home or work (private) network location settings" and "Public network location settings." section.

    Click OK button to save settings and quit.

    Disable Windows7 Firewall

    Image a-4: Disable firewall in windows 7 (step 6)

Turn on Firewall in Windows 7

If you want to turn on Windows Firewall, just follow the same steps, in step 6, click Turn on Windows Firewall and then click OK button.

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