How to Disable / Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Samsung Galaxy S2

The camera in Samsung Galaxy S2 is amazing. I went to a gig recently, Its 8.1MP camera took some pretty good photos, but the camera shutter sound is really loud and cannot be muted due to the privacy concerns, The shutter still sounds in vibrate and silent mode.

If you are stealthily trying to take pictures, you should turn the camera shutter sound and focus sound off before you do that. Here are the steps on how to disable the camera focus sound and the shutter sound Samsung Galaxy S2. It is simple, you can just try.

Samsung Galaxy S2

The steps will:

  1. Turn off camera shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S2
  2. Turn off camera focus sound on Samsung Galaxy S2

Things you need:

  1. Root your Samsung Galaxy SII
  2. A File Manager App with Root access
    You can use a very easy-to-use File Manager App called Root Explorer, but it is a paid software. If you don't have one, another good choice is Shady File Manager and It is free, you can use it instead of Root explorer.
Go to Google Play store and download

In this example, I use Root explorer.

Steps to disable Camera Shutter Sound and Turn off Focus sound

  1. In the Root Explorer, goto the folder /data/.
  2. Create a new file named local.prop, open it with Text Editor, edit and add a line:
    Disable Samsung Galaxy S2 Shutter Sound

  3. In the Root Explorer, switch folder to /system/
  4. Change permission from Mount R/O to Mount R/W.
  5. Edit build.prop, search with:
    Turn Off Samsung Galaxy S2 Shutter Sound

  6. Save and exit.

How does it work?

When your Samsung Galaxy S2 is in silent mode, the camera shutter sound and focus sound are disable.

Enjoy it!

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