How to Recover Expired Domain Names at Godaddy

Just before 3 hours ago I noticed that I could not access the one of my websites which is running for years ... Just because I forgot to renew my domain name and it was expired.. It's too bad for my careless mistake, the webiste was down for 3 weeks.

My doamin is registered at Godaddy, the biggest domain registrar on Internet. For taking my website come back online, I paid almost decuple of the registration fee for recovering the expired domain name. And here are the steps.

Recover Expired Domain

1. Login to Account Manager

Godaddy Domain Launch

Go to Godaddy's homepage, click on link (1) Log in to My Account to login to your Account Manager. (The link at at left-top corner)

In My Account page, click on Launch button (2) which is next to DOMAINS.

2. Go to Recover Expired Domains feature

Godaddy Expired Domain

Click on Domains (3), and then click Recover Expired Domains (4) in the drop down menu.

3. Choose the domains that you want to recover

Recover Expired Domains

In this example, I only want to recover a .org domain. So, click on the checkbox to the domain. (5)

4. Checkout

Checkout Godaddy Expired

Click on Continue to Checkout (6), the next steps is to submit your payment information, you can use Paypal or credit card or other payments.

On my goodness.. the redemption fee is 80 USD.. but I have to pay.. just hope I don't make this mistake anymore.. Good luck to you, too.

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