How to Use Gmail with Your Own Domain

Gmail is the best email service on the internet, almost all of my friends use it. We are happy to use the email address provided by Till one day, I bulit this blog and I already have my own domain, so I thought, why not use my own branded domain?

Having your own email address looks professional, right? It's good to use Gmail because there are a great feature that lets you brand your email address. Follow these steps, you could easily set up a personalized email address for yourself.

Things you need

  • A Gmail account
  • A your own domain name
  • Email forwarding for your domain

Set Email Forwarding to Gmail

Image A-1: Domain registrar Dynadot's control panel

Go to your domain registrar control panel and create an email forwarding that points to your Gmail address. Most domain registrars(like Dynadot, Godaddy..and more) offer Email Forwarding feature for free with your domain registration.

In this example, the domain name is, the branded email address is Terry, and forward to It means all email delivered to will be forwarded to


1. Sign in Gmail account

Login in Gmail Settings

Image A-1: Sign-in to your Gmail account

Login to your gmail account, click on a gear icon button (1) at the right part of the page. Click on Settings (2).

2. Add another email address

Add Another Gmail

Image A-2: Add another email address

Click on Accounts and Import tab (3), and then click on Add another email address you own link (4) under Send mail as section.

Add Email to Gmail Account

Fill in the Name and Email address fields and then click on Next Step button (5).

Sent Email to Gmail Account

Choose Send through Gmail and then click on Next Step button (6).

Gmail Verify Email Address

Click on Send Verification button (7), Gmail system will sent you a email with a verification link and a confirmation code.

3. Verify your branded email address

Gmail Confirmation Code

Image B-1: Verification email sent from Gamil Team

You can click the verification link to verify your email address directly, or submit the confirmation code in next step.

Enter Gmail Confirmation Code

Image B-2: Submit confirmation code

You can also submit the confirmation code (8) to verify your email address. You will find the confirmation code in the verification email.

4. Change default email address

Make Default Gmail

If you have successfully verified your branded email address, you will see it has been listed in Accounts and Import tab under Send mail as section.

Click on make default link (9) which is next to your branded email address. Make sure the always reply from my default address radio button is checked.

Gmail Sign in Own Domain

If you have completed all steps, congrats! you are done. You can start to use Gmail with your own domain now.

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