Download Samsung Android USB Driver for Mobile Device on Windows

samsung android usb device driver download

In most cases, it may be not necessary to install Samsung Android USB drivers on your Windows, unless you met the problems of using third party application or connecting fail between the Samsung Android device and your computer. It is always good to download the Samsung Android USB driver beforehand, so you’re able to easily install it and use whenever needed.

Windows Grep Download, A Search Tool for Windows

windows grep download icon

Sometimes you just forget a file where you wrote some important information, you want to find it out. Or, you are a programmer, you want to search particular strings through folders and files and see which lines in those files that match a given search term. No matter what reason you want to search, Windows Grep is an useful tool to do a good job for you.

Windows 8 ISO Download 64-Bit, 32-Bit with Direct Download Links

Windows 8 ISO Icon

Many friendly internet friends came to Pcdiy and left the comments on my posts to ask the similar questions, something like “where can I download Windows 8 ISO files directly?”, “Do you have Windows 8 ISO for French language?”, “How to download German Windows 8 ISO?”.. etc.. Actually you can find the Windows 8 ISO download links on Microsoft’s website by just spending time. For your convenience I have already put the direct download links of Windows 8 ISO files in this article, hope this will help you.

Download Windows 8 Free Full Version by Direct Download Link

Download Windows 8 Icon

Download Windows 8 upgrade version from Windows Store, the price is $39.99 for upgrading your old Windows systems to the Windows 8 Pro version. Before the Microsoft released the Windows 8 upgrade version, a Windows 8 full version was early released on May 31, 2012 and your can download it from the official page of Windows 8 Release Preview.

Windows 8 Free Download and Guide to Install 90-Day Trial Edition

Windows 8 Free Download

Is Windows 8 free download possible? Do you know that Microsoft offers a free 90-day trial edition of Windows 8 operation system? In this article, I will show you how to download Windows 8 trial edition and make a Installation Disk of Windows 8. You can follow the steps I show you below.

Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit 12 (MTP USB Driver Download)

MPT Porting Kit

Media Transfer Protocol (commonly referred to as MTP) has been developed by Microsoft, it enables you to manage content on any portable device with storage. The MTP porting kit is part of the Windows Media Device Manager 10 SDK, includes the complete MTP specification, documentation, sample source code, software to implement a PC-based MTP simulator, and MTP test tools.

DAEMON Tools Lite Download – Emulate Virtual CD Drives

Daemon Tools

DAEMON Tools Lite is a free software that allows you to mount the disc image files to a virtual drive, or to make .iso, .mds, .mdf and .mdx image files of CD/DVD/Blue-ray discs. DAEMON Tools Lite is very popular, not only it is free, but also it is very easy-to-use.

Mr.DJ Download – Build Your Own Online Radio Station

Mr.DJ Free Broadcasting Software

Mr.DJ is an online broadcasting software application developed by, that allows you to build an Internet radio station in just a few steps. By using Mr.DJ, you can pre-record an internet radio show or broadcast your voice to the world in real-time.

Avast Antivirus Download – Free Antivirus Software for Home Use

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast is an antivirus scanner and cleaner software, it is free for personal and non-commercial use. Free of charge is one of the reasons that Avast is so popular in the world, however, more reasons are that Avast is well designed, generally easy to use and all-around malware detection in a speedy.

Page Update Watcher Download – Monitor Page Updates and Changes for Free

Page Update Watcher

Page Update Watcher is an utility that enables you to automatically monitor your favorite pages for updates and changes on the Internet. You add which pages to monitor, and Page Update Watcher will check the pages by schedule that you define, those can be done automatically or manually.

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