How to Install Microsoft Security Essentials

People like Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) because that it is free and is an easy-to-use antivirus software, I think you might like it as well. If you don’t know how to install Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer, this installation tutorial will help you install MSE smoothly.

Microsoft Security Essentials Download

Do you have downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials 2 from Microsoft servers? If you have not downloaded yet, download Microsoft Security Essentials today!

Installation Process of Microsoft Security Essentials

Step 1: Welcome to Microsoft Security Essentials

Install MSE Microsoft Security Essentials

Image A-1: Microsoft Security Essentials installation wizard
Screenshots by Terry |

The installation wizard will walk you through the process of Microsoft Security Essentials installation, click “Next” (1) to continue.

Step 2: Agree to Microsoft Security Essentials Software License Terms

Microsoft Security Essentials 2

Image A-2: Microsoft Security Essentials software license terms

If you agree to the Microsoft Security Essentials software license terms, click “I accept” (2) to continue. (It is a required option, if you click “I decline”, the installation will be broken down).

Step 3: Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program

Customer Experience Improvement Program

Image A-3: The step 3 of MSE installation

You can join the customer experience improvement program to send information to Microsoft about how you use MS Security Essentials. If you would like to help improve Windows Security Essentials, click the first checkbox and then click “Next” (3) to continue.

If you don’t want to send any information to Microsoft, click the second checkbox and then click “Next” (3) to continue.

Step 4: Optimize Security

MSE Optimize Security

Image A-4: The step 4 of MSE installation

If you don’t have a firewall turned on, you can click the checkbox, the installation wizard will turn on the Windows Firewall automatically. Whatever you check, click “Next” (4) to continue.

Step 5: Preparing to Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Preparing to Install MSE

Image A-5: The step 5 of MSE installation

In this step, the installation wizard will verify that if your Windows system is ready to install Security Essentials. Please wait around 10-20 seconds to continue.

Step 6: Ready to Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Realy to Install MSE

Image A-6: The step 6 of MSE installation

Click “Install” (6) will start to install Security Essentials in your computer.


  • If you have installed another antivirus software (for example: Avast), you should remove it before you install Security Essentials.
  • I had a very bad experience in installing Security Essentials but forgot to uninstall Avast, after my computer was rebooted, my Windows 7 was hanged on welcome screen. Finally I uninstalled Avast in Safe Mode to solve this issue.

Step 7: Installing Microsoft Security Essentials

Installing MSE

Image A-7: The step 7 of MSE installation

The installation wizard is installing Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer, it might take 1-3 minutes.

Step 8: Completing the Installation Wizard

Completing Microsoft Security Essentials

Image A-8: Installation process is completed.

You’re done. The installation process has been completed. Click “Finish” (8) to close the wizard. Microsoft Security Essentials will start to protect your computer automatically and update the latest malware definition.

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  • Peter Lu Says
  • Hi..I have a install problem. Do you know how to install microsoft security essentials without genuine validation? I am using windows xp and windows server 2008. thanks.

  • 2011-05-10 10:18 am
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